I want to start a new voting tournament for the best video game here are the games.I will announce the top 16 games in my next post. Comment and I will tally up the scores! P.S vote as many times you want but 1 for one game.


MINECRAFT IS AWESOME!In minecraft you can build anything you want like a awesome mansion!


You can also choose survival or creative mode.Minecraft has another type  you have to make peaceful, easy, normal or hard.there are many different monsters( mobs). like the skeleton .


and the zombie, spider and creeper.

I hope to do Minecraft videos .

My Dad

My dad is my one and only dad. My dad loves martial arts, which is called Tai Chi (ti chi). I like it too, but not as much as he does. He’s good too. His guitar, man, that is something you can not take away from him. He has known or is on working five or six songs. He says he’s bad but I think he’s good. The reason is because he says I don’t hear the mistakes. He’s played guitar way longer than I have.

Both me and my Dad like soccer (futbal). He helps me and does stuff like my coach makes us run. I think it’s good. He says I need better leg strength. He helps my coach and makes us better. He is the best dad EVER!

Do you have a special person that you can tell me about?

Cat vs Toilet Paper Monster Part 2

The cat ran away. She dashed into the living room. The brother leaped for the monster. He only got hurt. He ran downstairs. She attacked it. It  disappeared out of thin air. But she heard more things from the bathroom, many things. She ran to the bathroom, then killed all the monsters. At least she thought she did. There was one in the kitchen! “Wow,” she said, “Wow.”  Bang. Boom. CRASH! Was that the dang table!? The cat saw it was just the rare, glass ball! She killed the monster with a loud racket. When the kids got home there was a big mess.


this only the beginning

Cat vs Toilet Paper Monster Part 1

One day there was lovely family who left on a vacation  without their kids! Their kids went to their friend’s house. The parents were with the kids parents. The kids name were David and Trystan and Jordan. Jordan was their friend. Meanwhile at David’s house the cat was minding it own business  and heard something in a room. She didn’t mind the noise. After a while the cat thought, “What the heck is that sound?”  She searched the whole house. Then she saw the two rooms she didn’t check. It was the bathroom or the kitchen. By the way the cat hated the bathroom.

She choose the kitchen and found her brother. She said “Hi!” He ran away, but she still heard the noise! At the boy’s house they were watching a rated R movie and they were only twelve! Well, they also played videogames forever. Well back to the cat. The cat knew she chose the wrong room. She went to the bathroom and saw a toilet paper alive! It grew and grew and  kept growing! Soon it was three times bigger than her. Then it tried to attack her.



The Quote that means



“If you do what you’ve

always  done you”ll get what

you’ve always gotten.”

Do you know how much that means to me? It means if you do not do something new you will NEVER get any where! Just like 2+2=4 you will never forget that but if that was the only problem you knew  you wouldn’t get any where in life. So try new things and do not be afraid to do people it’s ok.

From Tony Robbins.

Pinewood Derby!

I had a Very good time at the pinewood derby. I had 4 cars to race at time trials  and the dark green car won. I wanted the black car to win because it looks the BEST. I wanted to be the best trophy but I lost to a kid with a year of work. Just f.y.i that is the most time you can work on your car for the race.

   I won this trophy

this is the 2 best trophy you can get!

this is the 2 best trophy you
can get!!


This is my car!!!!

It was boss.

Photo on 3-23-14 at 6.42 PM

My place

I will NEVER forget THIS ONE time. It was my Chicago  trip. I visited the Chicago Field Museum.

I also  visited the aquarium and all these other places.

It was so cool! the show was cool too I want to go back and LIVE there . I got some stuff too it’s to fun to leave.

I almost cried when I left. O.k  back to my trip. I saw sue the dinosaur! She is the dinosaur with the most bones found ever in the world, is that cool or what! There is a movie about her and other cool stuff. The train ride is how I got there. It was really fun, but it was kind of hard because we couldn’t find a spot to sit. It was a short ride.


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Where do you like to go for fun?

Have you been to Chicago?